Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally Joining the Blogging Community

I guess I'm a little behind in the whole blogging thing but better late than never. Mostly this blog is about my efforts to reduce stress by scrapping. I guess I started off small like most newbies do with a sort of slap it on mentality to my photo albums. My mom saw that I was jazzing up my pics and gave me a scrapbooking set at my following birthday....well, I hate to say I haven't even used it nor the ones she's given me since but it's true at least partly. How can you "partly" scrapbook? you ask...well I started using the papers and embellishments that came with the scrapbook sets and used them to make other things, specifically, handmade cards. I am obsessed with making greeting cards by hand and slowly as my obsession grew so did my craft making supplies. I have now graduated from a crafting backpack to actual plastic storage which is currently becoming too small for all my stuff.

Recently I have gotten into altering artist canvases but have yet to fully complete one. However, I have gotten the canvas painted, all the 2" squares of different scrapbook paper cut out and with some rearranging now and then, gotten all 63 squares in place though not yet set in stone so to speak. As my first project here on my site I'll be taking step by step photos as I progress (you always do have more pics of your first baby don't you? lol). So sit back, relax and enjoy :-)

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  1. Welcome to blogging! Too funny that you started out with a backpack. Because I did too and now I have an entire room. Hmmm could that be your near future? LOL


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